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Tiger Den Martial Arts has been a leader in the Taekwondo community for the past 20 years.  We have 10 convenient locations in the Northern Virginia area and will be opening more in the next couple of years.

Our programs at Tiger Den have been developed through years of experience and a willingness to change with the times.  We believe this is what sets us apart from other martial arts studios.   Our classes are fun-filled and energetic and are perfect for all ages.  From our renowned after school program which includes homework time, arts & crafts, and lots of playtime, to our higher level classes for adults and specialty teams, everyone agrees that Tiger Den offers the best programs in the region!

Here at Tiger Den our programs are fun and innovative.  We have something for everyone – exciting seasonal camps, kindergarten enrichment programs, before and after school programs for elementary and middle school, birthday parties, and more.  Many of our older students have gone on to compete in national championships and our elite demonstration team is one of the best in the country.

Whether you’re looking for a physical activity to challenge you or a welcoming friendly place where you can practice together as a family, Tiger Den is the perfect place for you.

Our Instructors

Our Instructors are some of the best in the industry.  Not only are they experts in the field of Taekwondo, but are some of the most caring and dynamic leaders in our community.  Many of our younger instructors are former and current students who are excited to share their love of Tiger Den and Taekwondo.  You will not find a more passionate team of instructors anywhere!

HQs-Grand Master Kim

H. Director Henry Kim

RD. Master J Kim

Director Master Byung K. Jeon.

Director Woo H. Lee

Master Luis Lee

Director Hansol Kim

LS. Instructor Huy

Instructor Arush Amin

Instructor Kealan

Instructor Greg

Instructor Ashleigh McCambridge

Instructor Evan Zimmerman

Instructor Julie

Instructor Kyle To

Instructor Mat Koehler

Instructor Max Perov

Instructor Mehmet Kutlug

Instructor Shane

Instructor Sharon Gilbertson

Instructors Antonia

Instructors Cassidy Knar

Instructors Emeka


December 5 th , 2015

We joined the Tiger Den family in the July of 2008, when our son Ryan was 6 years old, he started with summer camp. He was a shy, quiet, skinny boy with glasses that bigger kids always seemed to be trying to pick o. He had just finished kindergarten and we were receiving notes daily about the lack of focus and discipline he displayed in school daily. By the time he finished summer camp in the middle of August and returned to school he was already showing the initial signs that Tiger Den and Tae Kwon Do would have on his academic experience….no more notes home.

The first major pay off to having Ryan in Tiger Den was teaching him to focus and set incremental goals.Learning form, kicking technique, and home rules was a challenge, but repetition was key. The values in learning to respect not only his Master’s and instructors but the tenants of Tae Kwon Do have helped to shape him into the young man he is becoming.

Two years ago, we also officially started Ryan’s little brother Nathan in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 4; this child is full of energy and always moving. And we have seen changes in his behavior and focus improvements in him at the age of 6. The difference for Nathan is that, he’s been around Tiger Den his entire life so he not only respects his Master’s and Instructor’s considers them family. He can do something wrong and I can say I’m going to call Master Jeon or Instructor Chris, and he self-corrects.

The last major benefit I will talk to from tiger den is determination, both of my children have learned to be determined. The difficult board breaking or kicking techniques they have taken on have driven the development of their determination. The constructive feedback from their Master’s and Instructors on technique, foot work, and presentation have helped them develop a high level of determination which makes them always strive for excellence and perfection.

Crystal McLeod, Woodbridge Va.

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We have been part of the TigerDen Family since our daughter was 5 years old. She was an extremely shy little girl who would never look at people in the eye when they would talk to her. Since then, TigerDen has been a 2nd home to her where the Masters and Staff have always encouraged her to do her best. She has always tried to abide by TigerDen’s “Home Rules” which support our rules at home.

Ashleigh is now 15 years old and is a 4th degree black belt and is currently working on her 5th degree. She is on the Sterling TigderDen Demo Team, TPC (TigerDen Performance Company), and TPC Weapons. TigerDen has helped tremendously with who our daughter is today…a strong, confident, respectful, and caring young lady. We can’t thank enough TigerDen, the Masters, and Ms. Lisa! TigDerDen is THE BEST!!!

-Cathy & John McCambridge

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“La razón por la que (Instructor Oscar) eligió Tigerden y ha sido parte de la familia de Tigerden durante 12 años es porque desde que entré en el dojo por primera vez, el estaba, no sólo saludado por el amable personal, pero tambien fue bien recibido en TKD. Era casi imposible para que el se vaya una vez que vio cada una de las caras ansiosas en los otros estudiantes que estaban más que contentos para comenzar el aprendizaje. Algo de inmediato hizo clic en su interior y se sentía como un segundo hogar. El había visitado otros dojos antes que Tigerden, pero ninguna de ellos tenía la misma sensación positiva. El sabía desde el momento en que entro que tenía que ser parte de la familia de Tigerden y hacer una diferencia, no sólo en su vida, pero en la vida de los otros estudiantes y miembros de la familia de TKD. Hoy en día, el es el primero y el último estudiante del grupo original de el Leesburg Tigerden y no podría pensar en una mejor manera de pasar su tiempo que la práctica de las Artes Marciales.” – Instructor Oscar
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저는 올해 유치원에 입학한 6살 딸아이의 엄마입니다. 정적이고 조용한 성격이라고 생각했는데, 만화영화 뮬란과 쿵푸팬더를 보고 무술에 관심을 가지기 시작했고, 마침 맥클레인에 새로운 태권도장이 오픈했다는 소식을 듣고 타이거댄에 방문하게 되었습니다. 아이가 낯가림도 있고, 격한 운동을 해본 적이 없어서 적응을 잘 할 수 있을지 조금은 걱정 했는데, 첫날부터 흥미를 느끼고 적극적으로 하는 모습을 보고 주저없이 등록하게 되었습니다. 학기초라 유치원에 적응하기도 힘들지 않을까 생각했는데, 태권도 가자고 하면 씩씩하게 도복을 갈아입고 나섭니다. 매번 새로운 동작을 배우고 익히며, 무엇보다 우렁차게 기압을 넣으면서 자신감있게 목소리를 내니 뿌듯합니다. 도장에서 익힌 것들을 집에서도 자랑하듯 시범을 보이고 꾸준히 연습 하면서, 다음 벨트 도전에도 흥미를 느끼는 모습을 봅니다. 타이거댄에서 배운 태권도를 통해 한국말과 문화에 자긍심을 가지고, 더욱 건강하고 자신감 있는 아이로 성장하도록 도와주셔서 감사합니다.

이상명 드림.
Sang Myung Lee, McLean VA

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Ying Jiang, Cascades Va

Community outreach


Kukkiwon as the World Taekwondo Headquarters has vitalized Taekwondo in the form of the leading martial art by globalizing it since its foundation 1972.

It laid the groundwork for Taekwondo’s globalization by holding the 1st World Taekwondo Championships and establishing the World Taekwondo Federation(WTF) in 1973. (Read more)

The World Taekwondo Federation is the International Federation (IF) governing the sport of Taekwondo and is a member of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF). The WTF recognizes national Taekwondo governing bodies recognized by the NOCs in the pertinent country as its members.

Washington Institute Sports Science ( WISS )


WISS is a martial arts college established in May 2008 that strives to educate individuals how to teach Taekwondo. Our main mission is to improve Taekwondo instruction techniques, propagate Taekwondo culture, advance the Taekwondo enterprise, enhance studio management, and give Taekwondo a greater presence by hosting events/competitions.

TigerDen Performance Company ( TPC )


The TigerDen Performance Company (TPC) is an advanced taekwondo demonstration team that participates in community events and competes in local and international demo team competitions.  Our team focuses on traditional Korean taekwondo demonstration styles, combined with modern martial arts tricking, advanced board breaking, and acrobatics.  The team has achieved great success in competition, earning first place at the 2015 ATU Championship, Kukkiwon Cup, and DC Taekwondo Open and at the 2016 Virginia State Championships and George Mason President’s Cup.  The team also took the Bronze Medal at the 2016 USAT National Taekwondo Championships.

Typical performances are 6-10 minutes in duration and set to music.  Our team focuses on traditional Korean taekwondo demonstration styles, combined with modern martial arts tricking, advanced board breaking, and acrobatics.  Our team requires a sound system that can play an mp3 or CD and a padded floor.  We can supply both if required. We can work with most performance spaces, but prefer a large area to allow for acrobatic moves.

For more information, please contact us at tpcbooster@gmail.com.